3rd Green Update


Dear members,


Just a short note to let you know that the planned work to install Passive Capillary Drainage at the 3rd green has been successfully completed.

DJUKE the contractor turned up on time and delivered their work in a very professional and tidy manner.  Our HGK Jon was on hand throughout and he was incredibl pleased with he way the work was done and the outcome. 

Today the green has been cut, sanded and is now fully open for play. There are narrow slit marks where the drains were pulled in but the green is virtually undamaged.  please be patient whilst the slkits fully knit and the greens staff complete the follow up work to alleviate the compaction caused by rolling to restore the flat surface.

There are some areas of GUR which are clearly marked and i would ask that you respect these areas and take the appropriate relief which im sure will be communicated by gents golf.

Ive failed miserably in being able to upload pictures of he work but Jon uploaded lots onto the intstagram account if you want to have a look at what went on.  What you will see is how undisturbed the green looks compared to the work that was undertaken.

Once we have confirmed dates from the main drainage contractor I'll get another update out as this work will be disruptive too.

Kind Regards,


Chair of Greens