9 Hole league result against Woodside GC

Last night, the 9th June,  we played a Home Match against Woodside Golf Club in the 9 Hole League.

Chris Hoyland managed the whole process like clockwork, despite not playing.

  • First out was Captain and Andy Wells versus their Captain and one of their better players.  We won 3 and 2 but were never down.
  • Sean Hall and Logan Stanyer won their match
  • Bob Anderson and Andrew Marshall won their match
    • you might see a theme here
  • Ollie Lane and Zac Penney ......  won their match

A complete victory for Alderley winning all four matches.  Their organiser was happy to only have been beaten 2 and 1 by Zac and Ollie

Chris further impressed everyone because whilst we were knocking a white ball around the course he had been off for a couple of sets of tennis and still had time to knock up some very tasty pizzas for the players at the end.


Thank you to the players for WINNING and an especially BIG THANK YOU to Chris for organising the whole thing and as usual putting on some great catering.


Mr Captain