AEGC - Reciprocal Golf - Congleton Golf Club

To create added value for members of Alderley Edge and Congleton Golf Clubs a reciprocal club affiliation will be entered into with immediate effect.
This will also serve as a marketing opportunity for both clubs to attract new members.

The main points of this affiliation are as follows:
1. To book a Tee time at Congleton Golf Club call the professional on 01260 273540 and choose option 2..
2. The affiliation is open to all fully paid members of each club on a reciprocal basis.
3. This offer is not open to Country, Introductory packages or Social members.
4. The members can play free of charge at the other club.
5. Members must book the tee time with the respective professional of the club.
6. The professional has the sole right to approve the booking.
7. Bookings will only be allowed at recognised quiet times at the respective clubs at the discretion of the professional.
8. Each club will respect each other's members and will not in any way attempt to sign up the member for their own club.
9. All guests must sign in upon arrival and produce photographic identification.
10. The professional will hold a list of the members who are eligible to play at the affiliated club and will cross check against the photographic ID. Anyone who is not on this list will not be eligible to participate in this scheme. 
11. The opportunity to play may be possible on every day of the week once again at the discretion of the professional.
12. Each club will produce a guide of the available times for the respective clubs. 
13. Whilst it cannot be an exact match it is intended that each club will allow the same amount of guest times and numbers.
14. Guests will be allowed to play as 2,3 or 4 balls. Single golfers will not be allowed.
15. Maximum number of rounds per individual will be 10 in any one year.
16. Guests will not be allowed to enter the reciprocal clubs competitions unless it is an open competition.
17. Guests have to respect all local rules and dress codes of each club.
18. Any guest who does not respect the club will not be allowed to book again.
19. Guests are encouraged to visit the bar/catering of the respective clubs.
20. Each club will be allowed to promote the attractions of the golf affiliation via local media, web site, display boards and other promotional areas.
21. The clubs will review the affiliation on an annual basis.
22. The clubs are free and independent to manage their own affairs and can promote their own clubs with other special offers if they deem suitable.

In addition to the above the two clubs will strive to work together in a mutually beneficial manner such as sharing marketing ideas, successes and failures. It is also intended to arrange a friendly competition between the clubs on a home and away basis.
Simon Barber,
AEGC Director of Marketing and the Marketing Committee