Bell Cup

With so many ladies away on holiday it hasn't been easy to put a team together so I was pleased to see these new volunteers,

Unfortunately they were a bit too frisky and enthusiastic so we managed to catch one and tether him to a tree but it took police in 3 cars place numerous volunteers several hours to round up the other two. Thank you to Hilary for all her efforts before we all arrived.

Meanwhile the Bell Cup match was under way with players being slightly distracted by galloping horses on the fairways and greens.

Bolton Old Links had sent out a very strong team, winning 5 matches to 2 but despite that, most of the matches were taken to the 17th and 18th hole.

Thank you to the team of Wendy, Gwyn, Marion, Sue, Lisa, Helen E, and Sandra and luckily all the matches were completed before the thunder and lightening and torrential rain started.