Captain Alex Ridgway wins the Hospital Trophy

A very sunny day with the course looking great saw the final round of the Hospital Trophy on Saturday 20 May.

The Hospital Trophy is a two round medal competition making it the toughest major to win and comes with one of the biggest shiniest Trophies as well.  Note the handicap used across both rounds was the handicap from the first round. You might see two handicap changes but they did not impact the competition.

The first round with a nett score of 64 was Christian Cartwright wining £65

The second round with a nett score of 65 with a handicap of 2 winning £65 was Harry Sexton.

The overall winner of the Hospital Trophy is Mr Captain, Alex Ridgway with scores of 66 and 70 and a total of 136 which was one shot less than the overall runner up Christian Cartwright. Mr Captain wins a prize of £120.00.

The nearest the Pin was won by Tom Troup who was very close. Tom now has an extra £40 on his bar card.

The twos. Tom converted his nearest the Pin into a two and Harry Sexton knocked in two twos. The full list of twos is below.

Michael Davies 2 @ 4th
James Bracken 2 @ 8th
Mark Allington 2 @ 4th
Sean Hall 2 @ 6th
Logan Stanyer 2 @ 17th
Harry Sexton 2 @ 6th, 2 @ 17th
Tom Troup 2 @ 15th
Steve Bell 2 @ 6th
Andrew Slater 2 @ 15th

10 Twos each worth £5.00