Celebrity Antique Road Trip

Early in the year the production company (STV) who make Celebrity Antique Road Trip approached the Club to see if they could film their 'meet and greet' scenes at AEGC.

Clearly we were delighted to support this great programme and so along came Charles Hanson, Margie Cooper with their celebrities Anthea Turner and Andy Peters.  At the time we asked the production company to give AEGC a credit at the end of the programme and to let us know when it was scheduled to be broadcast.

Unfortunately they didnt let us know when it would be broadcast but did give us a credit at the end.  For those of you wishing to watch the episode you will have to access BBC iplayer as it was shown on the evening of Monday 20th November on BBC2. When searching on iplayer look for 'Celebrity Antique Road Trip' Series 7 episode 6.

Thank you to our Celebrity Antique Road Trip watchers who brought this to my attention!

Hilary Gradon

Club Administrator