City Glass Foursomes Result - 31 July 2023

The Manchester and District Golf Alliance City Glass Foursomes Last Sunday saw Alderley Edge competing at home against Chapel En Le Frith, for a place in the quarter finals of the City Glass Foursomes. It was an early start and there were a few sore heads, but with the ‘Royal’ in great condition and Harrison Peck on the course keeping everyone up to date with the scores, hopes were high for a good result. It wasn’t a great start, however: Stanyer and Murphy lost, albeit narrowly, Chapel’s star player off +1 never missed a putt. Chapel had obviously packed the first two groups as Captain for the day Hall and his partner Sexton, also faced two very steady players who made few if any mistakes. Wilmott and Allen had no such troubles and opened the scoring for the home team. News in from AE’s very own ‘Radar’ Harrison, was that we were up by one in three matches but the last group Slater/Griffin were down by four. Bearing in mind halved matches go to the visitors, as does a tied match, it was too close to call. Ricketts and Lawton were first to the eighteenth where, given the state of the match, a crowd was gathering. One up, Lawton halved the hole with a 10ft putt, and the fist pumps belonged to the home players. Closely following were Johnstone and Davies also one up, but searching for a ball short of the brook. Again a pressure putt from Johnstone secured the half and AE had a point lead on Chapel. With one win required, all eyes were on Marshall and Anderson, also one up. It wasn’t the climax everyone was expecting however. Emerging over the brow of the 1st came a smiling Griffin and Slater who despite their poor start had won 6 holes on the bounce and triumphed on the 16th, a terrific comeback. Marshall and Anderson triumphed too, so it was a comfortable 5 to 2 win in the end. A magnanimous Chapel team thanked AE for their welcome and wished us good luck in the quarter finals, which will be against Davenport and be played by the 29th August.