Course and Slope Rating

Course Rating will be used to measure the playing difficulty of a golf course. It measures how many strokes a Scratch Golfer should take on any given course by assessing two main types of challenges which, when combined, result in a common base from which to compare players’ abilities:

  • The playing length of the course 
  • The obstacles that a player will encounter (e.g. size of green and hazards)

Slope Rating is the number which indicates the relative playing difficulty of a course for Bogey Golfers, compared to Scratch Golfers. The use of Slope allows a player’s Handicap Index to be portable from course to course and country to country.

The Slope Rating is a key component in calculating the number of strokes each player receives to play a particular golf course. The higher the Slope Rating, the more additional strokes a Bogey Golfer will need to be able to play it.

At AEGC we have Provisional Course Handicap Conversion Tables for our tees. These tables will be replaced by the formally branded rating values, which may have different values and the Provisional Tables will be destroyed.

Provisional Tables for our tees:  White (Slope =128), Yellow (Slope = 126) and Red (Slope = 131).