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Captains' New Year drive in

A good crowd of members and guests attended the traditional Captains' New Year drive in.

The pre-drive photographs show Mr Captain, Lady Captain and Junior Captain all in confident pose. The close up reveals that Mr C is praying for divine intervention and Junior Captain is showing the effects of all night partying. Lady C is looking quietly confident.

The pressure built up and Lady C led the drive off with one down the middle, followed by the Junior Captain knocking his drive 217 yards out of sight.

Mr C strode to the tee with an air of comfortable control and contained his drive to only 159 yards in order not to outshine the Junior Captain.

Each Captain's charity benefitted from half of the prize money. Lady C was rewarded for her performance with a win from Junior C's distance and popular winners of Mr C's event were Honorary members George & Betty Eland.

A good time was had by all and we wish each of the Captains a succesfull 2016.


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