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East Cheshire Hospice fund raiser at AEGC a great success

The club were delighted to host Paul Braithwaite, the well known climber and mountaineer who gave a talk about his climbing experiences. The evening was organised by the East Cheshire Hospice Wilmslow Support Group and with over 100 attending, was a huge success raising £1,200 for East Cheshire Hospice (ECH).

ECH Spokesman Ned Spencer said: “Paul's talk was both informative and inspiring. His tales of climbing up Everest (and other mountains) were awe inspiring. His modest presentation style made little of the life threatening adventures he experienced. The many questions he was asked at the end of the talk showed how engaged the audience were. The success of this talk is down to the hard work and enthusiasm of our member Chris Manley. The local ECH Support Group is busy planning a number of different events - please get involved and for more information email:

Chris Manley thanked Paul for his excellent talk, the ECH Support Team for their help, the attendees for supporting ECH, and also thanked AEGC - Chris Hoyland and his team, and Hilary Gradon, for hosting the event and looking after the attendees so well.


East Cheshire Hospice fund raiser at AEGC

We are delighted to have been asked by the fund raising team at East Cheshire Hospice to be the venue for a talk by Paul Braithwaite the well known local climber and mountaineer.
Paul will take us from his early days in the Chew Valley to Alpine north faces, the Eiger, Matterhorn and more via the Himalayas, Patagonia, Alaska and Mount Everest.

You are welcome to contact either
Chris Manley 07398156467 or Keith Jones 07831413981 for tickets at £15 per person which includes canapes.


Captain’s Drive In photos

The traditional Captain’s Drive In took place on a very fine New Year’s Day with the usual good support from members and guests. Chris and his team provided an excellent brunch breakfast before Mr Captain, Lady Captain and Junior Captain held the Drive In.  Drinks, nibbles and beef barms were available afterwards to round off a very sociable morning.

New Year's Day at AEGC

Dear Members,

You and your families are invited by Mr., Lady and Junior Captain to the club on New Year's Day to witness the traditional Captain’s Drive In. Details  are published on the attached poster.  

We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible to support what is always a good day and a great way to start the New Year.

In the meantime may we wish you a very merry Christmas

Thank You

Mr. Captain, Lady Captain & Junior Captain

The Legend that is Gordon Smith

After 55 years and 5000 rounds of golf at AEGC Gordon Smith has taken home his clubs as he has decided, at 96 and a half, to retire from golf.  He will still come up to the Club for Social events but he will not be booking the 14.00 Thursday slot anymore.

An article about Gordon was sent to Local Golf News -North West and the Wilmslow Guardian both of which have now published the article.  Pick up your copy in the Clubhouse. 

Celebrity Antique Road Trip

Early in the year the production company (STV) who make Celebrity Antique Road Trip approached the Club to see if they could film their 'meet and greet' scenes at AEGC.

Clearly we were delighted to support this great programme and so along came Charles Hanson, Margie Cooper with their celebrities Anthea Turner and Andy Peters.  At the time we asked the production company to give AEGC a credit at the end of the programme and to let us know when it was scheduled to be broadcast.

Unfortunately they didnt let us know when it would be broadcast but did give us a credit at the end.  For those of you wishing to watch the episode you will have to access BBC iplayer as it was shown on the evening of Monday 20th November on BBC2. When searching on iplayer look for 'Celebrity Antique Road Trip' Series 7 episode 6.

Thank you to our Celebrity Antique Road Trip watchers who brought this to my attention!

Hilary Gradon

Club Administrator

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