Gents' Opening Sides - Saturday 12th March

There was a great turnout for the Gents' Annual Opening Sides Event on Saturday 12th March to start the season.

The President & Captain came to support the early morning session of the Opening Sides. Whatever the Captain said worked, or was it in the coffee, as it helped his team to a 4-0 victory in the opening matches (but could the Captain’s team maintain their lead in the afternoon?)

Our Honorary Member Jack Unsworth, in his 99th year, started the afternoon session of Opening Sides. Many members stated it was like seeing a "rose between two thorns".

The Captain’s Team were victorious on the day 13 to 6, but more importantly, the Spirit of the Event came through and the Club is in some excellent hands. Thanks to Les and his team for preparing the course, thanks as ever to Duncan and his staff and, most importantly, Gents for contributing to the Junior raffle and prizes.

Great day by all and many thanks to Jack and all the golfers.

Have a great season.

from Mr Captain and Mr President.