Greens Newsletter April 2018

Greens Newsletter April 2018

Well I didn't think the weather could get any worse! How wrong could I be. It seemed to have started raining at the end of July 2017and has hardly stopped since. I even got that wrong: it did stop when it started to snow. Not what we wanted. Snow is bad enough but it brings that pest known as the ‘sledger’. It leaves a mess and trashes the greens. The only pests that are worse are the moles and the dreaded non-bendy pitch mark leaver and divot ignorer.

Overall, Les, Jonathon and Nigel have done a sterling job considering the weather conditions.

I think salting the paths in a whiteout is above and beyond the call of duty. - See Pictures

We were actually getting ahead of the game for the start of the season. Paths have been repaired and new slate added. The bunkers had been filled with new sand just in time for storm Emma to blow it back out again.

Storm damage and debris has taken a lot of hours to tidy up and continues to be a time consuming action as well as post flooding which leaves an untidy tide mark.

The 5th/14th tee has been repaired and made safe at the rear.

I’ve had some complaints about the men's 3rd tee being affected by the tree in front of the left hand side so I had it trimmed by the weather! (I am sure other left-to-right hitters will appreciate this)

I hope to continue the course set up as it was last year as this seemed to be a good mix of tight fairways and rough deep enough to keep me happy. Any complaints, remember it could be worse.



Various drains have been repaired around the 1st, 3rd, 5th and 7th holes over the winter.

The drain in the car park has been cleared and should now be draining freely.

The ditch to the left hand side of the 3rd has also been cleared.

Due to the severe weather we have seen over the last few months, the 5th and 9th greens have been wetter than usual. This is only a temporary issue and should soon return to normal. The 5th is particularly prone to not drying out and we plan to trim the large trees behind the green that prevent sunlight getting to the green especially during the winter months.

The fairways have been divoted in preparation for the playing season proper. Which leads me to the tirade I know you have been waiting for……….

Replace your divots and repair your pitch marks!!!!!

It’s not difficult, I know some divots get picked out again by birds but I don’t think the birds throw them 15 feet towards the green. As for pitch marks, there is a reason I keep my hair short, it stops me pulling it out.

We also have a vacancy on the greens committee. The ideal candidate would be a Full AEGC member with a wide experience of golf who would be expected to attend Green’s meetings (about two a year for an hour or two) and a “walk the course”, due shortly. Anyone interested please contact the Office or myself.

I am sat here now praying for a bit of dry weather with a warm breeze to get our course back on track and a bit of growth as well. The greens have been slit where possible and dressed as well. Here’s hoping for some better weather and good golf throughout the year.

Finally, Les our Head Green keeper last year had been at the club in for 30 years and was presented with a personalised hip flask and bottle of very nice whisky. Picture shows myself and the then captain Bill Fisher. Thank you Les for you hard work and devotion over that time.

Good golfing to you all.

Gary Johnstone

Chairman of Greens