Greens Update-14/7/22



Dear Member,

I’m sorry to bombard you with emails but thought I needed to provide a further update on the course through this period of hot weather and drought.


Those that played last week would have seen the course and particularly the greens in really good condition. Unfortunately after 3 days of hot dry weather on Tuesday the green sward was weakened and we have had to take extra measures to protect the greens. There are examples if you search of very good courses losing their greens in the last week or so. To prevent this Jon and the team have:


  • Hand watered, soaked each green every day this week and applied Tricure wetting agent to strengthen the grass particularly 1st and 2nd.
  • Ceased mowing to allow recovery
  • Started work at 05.00 in order to minimise disruption

The effects are that the greens are wet, they are woolly and slow but their health is being protected. 

In addition drainage work on the 7th has been completed. The decision has also been taken because of the forecasted hot and dry weather to postpone sand slitting on the 7th and the whole of the 3rd including the approach. Without any rain forecast the chance of recovery would have been low. What we will undertake is de-silting of Whitehall Brook from the Bridge near the Oakwood as far as we can with the remaining budget. This will provide even more capacity along with the Clearance of the Black Brook.

 Jon and the team will cut the greens on Friday but the mower heights will be increased to avoid scorching as the weather tops 30 deg from Sunday through to Wednesday. I’d again like to ask for your patience and understanding until this dry spell breaks.


Finally just a reminder to please repair pitchmarks which makes a huge difference to how they recover. I realise the odd one could be missed but the number evident is much more than the odd one. We can all do our bit as we get onto the putting surface to repair our own and any others that have not been attended too.


Kind Regards



Chair of Greens