January Update

Greens News Update

Since the last update posted it has been great to see that overall the weather has been kind to us through January. The drier weather has meant that the course has improved out allowing the greens staff to re-establish a full length winter course and mow the greens which had been impossible due to their saturated state. Please remember though that the water table is still very high and and significant rainfall will inevitably create issues which will have to be dealt with as they arise.

I have recieved some enquiries relating to temporary tee's, greens etc.  As I explained in my last update the greens team have to make daily decisions based on the conditions they encounter on a daily basis.  Clearly temporary closures and the need to utilise winter greens can be frustrating but the objective through the winter months is to protect the course as best as we can to make sure that through spring and into summer the course can be presented at its best. 

Jonathan and his team have our members interest at the heart of everything they do. Whilst constructive feedback is always welcome we must trust the team to go about their duties as they see fit utilising their knowledge and experience. As I have mentioned previously the use of heavy machinery during winter is almost impossible at Alderley so the guys have to do every task manually which is more time consuming and labour intensive.

During February we hope to conclude discussions with our drainage contractor on what work will be prioritised through April and May which will then reap benefits through the Autunm and Winter of 2022.

I did manage to get out and play myself this weekend and overall I was pleased with how the course played and the overall presentation. What was disappointing though was the number of fairway divots when all members and guests should be playing off mats or nudging their balls into the rough in line with the local winter rule. This was also true of the number of un-repaired pitch marks on the greens. Whilst the odd one after the pin may be excusable pitch marks not being repaired up to the pin is not great. I would like to remind everyone to please replace any divots you come across and repair all pitch marks, the benefits are both immediate and long term.  Please also remind your playing partners to to the same too.

Could all members please:

*Carry their clubs if at all possible

*Repair all pitch marks on the greens

*use fairway mats but replace all divots where they are observed.

Kind Regards


Neil Johnson

On behalf of the greens staff