Ladies Picnic Take 2, 3/11/20


I really did think we were going to be very lucky with the weather when I turned up at the course this morning but how wrong could I be.

Well done to everybody who turned up and braved the elements to finally finish our extended picnic.

It was very interesting to find that my rescue club sends the ball a lot further across the green than my putter. I did hear however that some people are thinking about replacing their putter altogether with their alternative weapon of choice.

After a very close battle, the results are as follows;


38 points- Gwyn, LVC Karen, LP Alison and Sarah D

34 points- Julie R, LC Sue, Jean, Claire R

33 points- Celia, Fiona, Jo P, Valerie

32 points- Sue K, Mary, Barbara E, Terri

31 points- Jo M, Yvonne, Helen W, Wendy T

31 points- Angela, Olwen, Liz G, Justine

28 points- Marion, Carol, Rose, Ghost ( Sarah D )

Nearest the pin- 4 shoes away- Yvonne

Once again, well done to everyone who turned out for our final comp before lockdown.

Stay safe,

LVC Karen