Match Results

On Saturday the business ladies , Gwyn, Wendy and Karen played in their quarter final match against Hazel Grove.

This was played at Birchwood golf club near Warrington. Sadly the result was a win to Hazel Grove but well done for getting as far as the quarter finals.

On Monday the Shield B team were also at Birchwood playing their quarter final match against Warrington. The weather was atrocious, pouring down for most of the 18 holes and squeegy mops being used to dry off the greens. It was such a close match, 3 all with one match to finish which went to the 18th hole but the victory was to Warrington. After drying out, we all enjoyed tea together.

Thanks to the team of Wendy, Celia, Gwyn, Marion, Valerie, Sue, Olwen and others who have turned out for all our matches this season, we did very well.