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Winter League - Captain and Pro still top

After the first game in 2020 on 5 Jan, the Captain and the Pro's team are still top of the league with 19 points, followed by Team D (G Johnstone, G Olson, M Davies and N McGuiness) with 17 points, with a number of teams following very closely behind.

Only 2 matches to go!

The latest table is here:

Winter League Table


There is one fewer team in the League than last year, but it is expected that it will still be contested in true tradition, hard fought, keenly contested, but respecting the opposition, in the spirit of fair play, and finishing with the customary drink with the opposition in the bar at the Captain's ball-draw.

Good luck and enjoy.

All the information is here:

Winter League Fixture List

Winter League Rules

Simister Cup Round 4

Good weather for the fourth round of the Simister Cup.

The course was in good condition considering it is winter, especially the greens.

39 hardy souls turn out for the round with Gary Johnstone being the winner.  Gary played in the morning which seemed to produce some of the better scores.

The top 3 was as follows

  • Gary Johnstone
  • Joe Yakub
  • Andrew Slater

With Joe having already qualified it means Vice President Peter Wood is a qualifier having finished in fifth.

Bill Fisher conducted the presentation and also revealed the news on the 2s Club, that no one had a two and that £58.50 will be carried over to the Fifth round of the Simister Cup.  With a pot likely to be worth over £120 it would be a good Saturday to play.

Simister Cup Presentations are 4.30pm and we actively encourage those who participated to attend.

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