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August Monthly Medal

With excellent sunny weather Simon Edbury shot a fantastic net score of 62 to win the delayed August Monthly Medal.

He was 4 clear shots from Logan Stanyer in second place. 

Simon’s acceptance speech included a cooking guide to Bob Anderson the Vice Captain. Start off cold and bring to a gentle simmer, gradually increasing the temperature until the 18thHole where he is at boiling point.

Congratulations Simon.

Professional's Prize - Sat 27 July

Pro’s Prize – My favourite day of the year!

I am guessing the weather did not make it your favourite day of the year if you played but I still had a great time and it was great that we managed to get the event played. It is my only chance to go head to head with you all in the same day.

It is no surprise that the winner came from one of the morning players with the weather deteriorating as the day went on. Mike O’Regan scored a fantastic 42 points to win by three shots from Dave Snell, who was the best of the afternoon players.

For those of you who haven’t played in it before I run a ‘beat the pro’ competition for all competitors offering odds of up to 6/1 for anyone who beats me on a bet of up to £10. I feel like I struck the ball better than I have done over the last two events but got beaten by more people which tells me that the standard is improving! Here are the members who beat me:

Tom Ricketts - A good shot to the middle of the green after I missed the green

Nige Pugh - 7 feet - My reply nearly went in but spun back just outside of his ball!

Bob Pindar - A good shot to the middle of the green after I missed the green

Dan Featherstone - 3ft 11 inches in response to my 4 feet

Jerry Dixon - Middle of the green after I miss clubbed my first shot of the afternoon

Mark Walker - A good shot to the middle of the green in response to mine spinning back an inch off the green

Paul Grundy - 4 inches away in response to my 3 feet

A special mention also goes to Tony Cooper who was about 3 feet away and I managed to just get inside his ball.


Charles Le Sueur


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