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'Wednesday Roll Up' - the 2017 results are in !!

The eagerly awaited results and commentary on the 2017 Wednesday Roll Up are now in. On behalf of the Wednesday Roll Up "Brigade", many thanks to Tony Adderley for his organisational and reporting skills.

Happy New Year to all.

Click here to view:  2017 Roll Up results

Christmas Competition -23rd December

The re-arranged 9 hole stableford was played in relatively dry conditions (at last !) but it was still wet in places underfoot.

There was some good scoring with Douggie Burns winning with 21 points on countback from Ian Pearce , Andy Boyle and Steve Lomas -all with great scores of 21 points.

Mike O Regan and Paul Ellis followed in the results table with 20 points .

There was only three twos ( Mike O Regan , Tony Adderley and Mr Captain ) all winning £25.

Thank you to Brian Jones for arranging the hamper prizes.




Gents AGM

The AGM was held on Friday 1st December 2017.

Simon Barber was elected as Captain for 2018, Rick Ford as President, Trevor Rathbone as Vice-Captain & Tom Troup as Junior Captain. 

Brian Jones, Paul Gosling, John Newsham, Brian Pennington, Paul Grundy, Bill Fisher, Paul Short & Tom Troup were elected to serve on the Gents Golf Committee.

The outgoing Captain, Bill Fisher, remembered the friends we have lost this year:  Alan Peak, Jack Unsworth, Brenda Hendry and Norman Coates; and expressed sympathy with those who have lost loved ones, or suffered serious illness. 

He noted the Major winners and mentioned the Club Day Out, Captain’s Days to Gents & Ladies, President’s Day and the Charity Day as highlights of the year.  The Club raised over £4,000 for East Cheshire Hospice during the year.  He thanked all the Members who had served the Club and the Club’s employees for their hard work and support.  

He finished by saying “the biggest highlight of the year for me has been you all, the Membership of AEGC.  You’re what makes this such a great Club, the only Club for miles around that I’d ever want to be a Member of.  Thank you to all of you for your support throughout the year and making it such an enjoyable year for me.  I know you will give next year’s Captain your full support too.”

The new Captain, Simon Barber, started by saying that he was extremely honoured to take on the role as Captain for 2018.  He thanked both Bill Fisher and Dave Lee for their efforts during the previous year and highlighted the improvements made around the structure of the Gents golf committee.

Simon then went on to outline his plans for the year. He advised the AGM that he had 5 main goals;

  1. Firstly, the Captain announced that his Charity for next year will be MacMillan. He wanted to add a few additional fund raisers to the social calendar next year and highlighted the great work that Brian Foden does in arranging the annual Captains Charity Day. 
  2. Secondly, he talked about the importance of having a lively social scene at the club trying to cater for the diversity of the membership. In his words, we need new life, new blood, new ideas and shared responsibility to drive this important element of the club forward and called upon those interested to offer support. 
  3. Next Simon talked about how important it is to re-invigorate Saturday night presentations. As such he launched his plans which included.

                       i.        Presentation will be open to all members and guests. If you want to bring your better halves with you on your way out somewhere or just for an early evening drink then please feel free. It is no longer a men only zone! If our Lady members wish to come along – you are more than welcome.

                      ii.        Everyone that attends presentation and played during that day will get a mention. We will no longer base presentations around the Top 10 finishers anymore or you have to shoot below 70 to have your name read out. If you stay behind after shooting a net 99 and finish last then you will still be recognised.

                     iii.        If you have won a prize but do not attend presentation or at least offer sincere and justifiable apologies, then the monetary prize that accompanies the trophy will be awarded to the best scoring player in attendance.

                     iv.        Dress code is relaxed however it is kindly requested that you respect major competitions and dress appropriately otherwise fines will be issued.

                      v.        The last part of the charter centres around the Captain making presentations enjoyable for everyone.   

4.  The Captain raised awareness around the importance of continuing to drive revenue for the club.

5.  And finally, he talked about new events to improve competitive options for golf across the club.

Simon explained that he had enjoyed his year as Vice, quoting his day out at Pleasington as being the highlight. He spoke favourably about the opportunity to share his year as Captain with Rick Ford who was elected as President. 

He then concluded with a summary that stated;

  • He wanted AEGC to be a place that we all look forward to visiting and when we are here… that we all have fun;
  • He wanted the competitive golf to flourish and perhaps for one of our club teams to win a trophy;
  • He would like the various sections of our membership to work together, collaboratively to help drive our golf club forward;
  • He wanted to increase revenues that can be re-invested into improving the quality of both the course and the clubhouse;
  • And finally….He wanted to raise a record breaking sum of money for Charity with all of your support.



Simister Cup Results

The first round of the Simister Cup was finally played on 18th November. In pole position on 21 pts was Mike O’Regan on a card play off from Mike Troup & Derek Shenton.  Drew Sutton also qualified for the final on 20 pts, on a back 1 card play off from 4 others. 

Bill Bennett won the 2nd round on 2nd December, again with 21 pts, on a card play off from Phil Mason.  Pete Wood & Dougie Burns pipped Andy Slater to the final qualification spots, all with 20 pts.

The next competition will be the Christmas comp on 16th December, followed by the 3rd round of the Simister Cup on 23rd December. 

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