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Close, but no cigar........

An enthusiastic mixed team threw everything they had got at Davenport in the preliminary round of the Archie Preston. Played away, on a lovely sunny afternoon, it wasn't looking too promising, with Davenport securing three early wins against Alderley's one, (thanks Mr Vice and Celia!). However, the tension mounted as Alderley managed to draw level to three matches all and it fell on the last match to play to a result. Ronnie and Julie Ricketts gallantly played down the nineteenth with a following crowd but were eventually beaten by a spectacular lengthy curving putt from the opposition.

As ever, the match was played in a very social spirit, and despite the distraction of a football match (some sort of local derby?) the conversation flowed over the meal. We wish Davenport well in the competition and maybe next year we'll get a good run in this very enjoyable interclub competition!

MIXED SPRING EVENT - Sunday 3rd April.

The sign up poster for the first event of the season is up in the foyer. This is to be a team competition, any combination of players so either find a four-ball or just leave your name down and let others sign up around you!

It will be helpful if you would also sign up on BRS as well as the sheet. Thanks

Gwyneth Holt


Team for the first round match against

Davenport Golf Club, Away

Sunday 20th March, 1st tee 1pm, meet for 12.30pm please



Lady Captain Alison Roberts and Mr Captain Pete Woods

Lady President Gwyn Holt and Brian Boughey

Celia Berent and Mr Vice Bill Fisher

Valerie Hornsby and Mr President Dave Lee

Olwen Davies and Mike Davies

Julie Ricketts and Ronnie Ricketts

Anne Thornber and Rob Booth


Ladies reserve Jean Walker


Thanks to all those who indicated they are keen to play – let’s hope for a good match and a move to the next round!

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