New AEGC Ltd Committees as voted in at the AGM on 24th June 2015

At the AGM on Wednesday 24th June the Members named were voted onto the following AEGC Ltd Committees by the attending AEGC Members:

The Council  

  • Robert Booth (Chairman)
  • Charlie Hill (Hon Treasurer)
  • John Deakin (Captain)
  • Anne Thornber (Lady Captain)
  • Barry Arnold (Hon Registrar)
  • Steve Ridal (Chairman of Greens)
  • Trevor Rathbone (Chair of House)
  • Simon Barber (Director of Marketing)
  • Brian Boughey (President)
  • Jean Walker (Lady President)
  • Pete Wood (Vice Captain)
  • Celia Berent (Lady Vice Captain

The Greens Committee

  • Steve Ridal (Chair of Greens)
  • Celia Berent
  • Gary Johnstone
  • Mike Magee
  • Mark Walker

 The House Committee

  • Trevor Rathbone (Chair of House)
  • Brian Foden
  • Peter Burns
  • Steve Bennett
  • Anne Thornber

Marketing Group

  • Simon Barber (Chairman)
  • Chris Hills
  • Gwyneth Holt
  • Charles le Sueur (Club Professional)
  • Tim Hoare