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Ladies Matches 2021



AEGC enters teams in 3 leagues and a knock- out competition with other clubs. In addition we have friendly matches against several clubs, and play two fixtures per year against the Seniors.


Things are obviously a bit different this year in the way we can meet up and socialise, which will impact, at the beginning of the season at least, on how we can organise teams and post- match hospitality


We have also missed a full season of inter-club golf matches, and understandably we are all bit rusty, to say the least! You may not feel you are prepared to play in any match at all, however every club’s teams will be in exactly the same position this season and I hope we can field teams and enjoy golf! The matches we play involve players of different handicaps and levels of experience, there should the opportunity for any lady who wishes to play in a match to take part,


B team


Team consist of 7 players maximum playing handicap index 30. Team chosen will be in order of exact competitive handicap index on the day of the match. Ladies can take part if their handicap index is over 30, however they will have to play off 30 for the match 


The matches are played on Monday mornings for a home and away leg. The format is singles match play.


Business ladies


Team consists of 3 players with handicap index of 30 or less. Any player having a handicap index over 30 shall play off 30. This competition is for any lady who is not available to play on a Monday, whether it be work related, caring, child-care or volunteering etc. (If numbers are short a B team player can play, but not in the same week as another match, the week starts on Monday)


The matches this year all fall on a Sunday bar one, which is an away match on a Saturday. The format is singles match play


9 Hole League


Teams consist of 3 pairs (6 players). Open to all handicaps but players must play to a maximum handicap index of 36. This league is a good opportunity to participate in matches for those less experienced in match play. The teams usually consist of an experienced player, with a less experienced player which helps newcomers become familiar with match play. The ladies who are club 9 hole members can play in these matches, which should bring very valuable experience to newer players.



Teams of 3 or 4 pairs (6 or 8 players) Greensomes. The friendlies are a great introduction to team matches and match play.  Open to any handicaps, playing off max 45. The format allows for experienced players to be paired with those new to team matches, and for those new to golf to enjoy visiting other clubs and showing the merits of AEGC to visiting teams.


Bell Cup


This is a knock out competition which will participate in until we are knocked out! Team of 7 player, maximum handicap of 26, although higher handicaps may enter if they play to 26. The format is singles match play. This years first round match was away at Lymm Golf Club and the ladies had a great win 6-1. In the next round Alderley play Manchester Hopwood at home on Sunday 20th June, all supporters welcome.



Sign up sheets for the matches are typically posted in the locker room on the match notice board in late January.  Obviously this year this will have to change. The full list of match dates for all teams is now available. This will be circulated by email and posted on the FB group documents section, and by WhatsApp. Please look at and save the dates as soon as you can. We might be rusty now and going nowhere, but that won’t, fingers-crossed, last for ever!!

Please do pm, text, email or phone the appropriate match secretary with your availability.

Fiona Anderson for B Team, BL and Bell Cup

Liz Gardner for 9HL and friendlies


Please do not message your availability and wish to play to the whole FB and WhatsApp group.

Match day

Aegc teams currently wear black and pale bluey green golf clothing.  Players are encouraged to wear the colours if they can; black trousers, shorts, skorts etc, blue polo, black jumper etc.  Charles stocks club branded team kit, but if you are new to the team and not sure if you will be a permanent fixture, don’t let the kit deter you, an approximation from whatever you have will be fine!

The B team and BL matches are followed by afternoon tea of sandwiches, cake and tea or coffee. At the start of the season, until social distancing allows the club house to return to usual catering, this will be served as a “takeaway”. The cost  is £6 per head for AEGC members at home and away matches. We don’t pay the hosts at away matches, the money collected pays for hosting the home matches.

9HL matches finish with tea and coffee and biscuits at £1:50 per AEGC team member home and away

The friendlies will be decided on an individual basis

Fiona, Match Sec