President’s Putter and Doubles KO update

The knockouts are well under way and there is just over 1 week left until the end of the first round.

In the President's putter first round 10 matches have been completed of the 22 and in the doubles 6 of the 7 matches. 
As a reminder all first round matches need to be completed and the the results emailed to by end of 16th May.

This year these competitions are being run from the club software. Whilst this means that each competitor receives an Email with the contact details of their opponent for the next round, it does mean that we can't print the draw off in a way that it can be displayed on the wall in the locker room. 
In order for competitors and members alike to view the draws and the match results please use HDID. 
If you select knockouts from the menu in the top right corner and then select view info. for the competition this will let you see the draw and the results. 
If you are a competitor it will also show the competition rules.

Paul (Gents Golf)