Simister Final Qualifiers

Qualifiers to date


Round 1               Oct-2022                                                             

Mark Walker                                                                     

Tom Ricketts                                                     

Richard Walker                                                                 

Neil Johnson                                                                     


Round 2                Nov-2022

John Newsham

Martin Glenister

Gary Johnstone

Brian Jones


Round 3                Dec-2022                                                            

John Lawton                                                                      

Andrew Boyle                                                                   

Ricky Blunt                                                                         

Andrew Sutton                                                                


Round 4                Feb 4th 2023

Andrew Slater

Mike Baker

Duncan MacPhearson

Derek Shenton


Round 5           Feb 25th 2023

Paul Finney

Craig Abbotson

Billy Bennett

Brian Child


Round 6                Mar 4th 2023

Tony Griffin

Steve Smith

Robert Anderson

Brian Pennington



The final is on the  1st April (18 holes). For the none qualifiers, such as myself, there is a subsidiary stableford competition.




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