Simister Qualifiers after 5 Rounds

Qualifiers to date


Round 1               Oct-2022                                                             

Mark Walker                                                                     

Tom Ricketts                                                     

Richard Walker                                                                 

Neil Johnson                                                                     


Round 2                Nov-2022

John Newsham

Martin Glenister

Gary Johnstone

Brian Jones


Round 3                Dec-2022                                                            

John Lawton                                                                      

Andrew Boyle                                                                   

Ricky Blunt                                                                         

Andrew Sutton                                                                


Round 4                Feb 4th 2023

Andrew Slater

Mike Baker

Duncan MacPhearson

Derek Shenton


Round 5           Feb 25th 2023

Paul Finney

Craig Abbotson

Billy Bennett

Brian Child


The next rounds are:-

Round 6               4th March (18 holes)

Final                      1st April (18 holes)


As ever all players are welcome to play on the Saturdays of the Simister competition. Only those with an official handicap can take part in the actual competition. A great opportunity to get a card marked towards an official handicap. Please contact if you would like help in getting a card marked.


If you have only just received a handicap then you are eligible to play in the final rounds of the competition. 




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