Texas Scramble Result Saturday 20th August 2022

Eighteen teams of four contested the Texas Scramble on Saturday with some introductory members also seeming to enjoy the experience .

The wind picked up during the morning and made low scoring more difficult .

The winning side with an amazing net score of 64-14 = 50.0 was Simon Allen, Christian Cartwright, Alex Pannell and Charlie Colledge.
(each team member receives a prize voucher for £25)

The other top scores were as follows

2 Josh Price , Jon Grundy , Greg Wilmot , Shaun Price (53.7)
3 Duncan MacPherson , Gordon Stewart , John Roberts , Stephen Ace (54.2)
3 Derek Shenton , Charlie Hill, Tony Adderley , Steven Bell (54.2)
5 Brian Pennington , Roger Smith , Andy Holt , Chris Chatfield (54.3)
6 Andrew Young, Richard Walker, Drew Sutton , Andrew Slater (54.5)
7 Mike O Regan , Andy Marshall, Tony Steels , John Kendrick (54.9)
8 Joseph Bradbury , Ronald Kers, Kian Tomlinson , Sam Thomasson

Twos for prize purposes counted at the 8th/17th and four teams had a two at the 8th

Joseph Bradbury team
Duncan Macpherson team
Brian Pennington team
Logan Stanyer , Sean Hill , Luke Taylor, Oliver Lane .

Each team member receives £6.75 for the two

Prize presentation will be on Friday 2nd September (19.00) after a 9 hole Florida Scramble

John Newsham
Gents Golf