What do I need to do to play?

What do I need to do to play golf after the launch of the WHS on 2nd Nov?

1) Handicap Index - Find out your Handicap Index by looking on the notice board in the locker room or on the how did I do mobile application.

2) Course Handicap - Look at the correct Handicap Conversion Table for the colour of tees you will be playing (White, Yellow or Red) and determine your course handicap.  At the moment the White, Yellow and Red tables are provisional.  These provisional tables will be replaced by formally branded rating tables when available.  They are located in the frames next to the 1st white tee. 

3) Playing Handicap - Look at the playing handicap table and adjust your course handicap for the type of competition you are competing in to determine your playing handicap.

4) if you are playing in a qualifying competition you should complete your card in accordance with the rules of golf and submit your score without any undue delay.