Winter League Final Result

It couldn't have been much closer in the end.  Only 6 points separated the top 10 teams.

Teams J & H both finished on 24 points, which meant it went to the team with the least losses.  Both teams lost two games, which meant it went to the head to head match between the two, which team H won.  So the winners of the 2018-19 Winter League are

...Craig Aston, Dave Lee, Chris Hills & Simon Edbury.

Many congratulations to them, and commiserations to Team J - Brian Foden, Rick Ford, the President & Steve Bennett, who ran them so close. 

Ken Hall & Pete Burns did their best to spoil the Team H party today, but Craig Aston & Dave Lee eventually managed to get the half they needed.  Rick Ford and the President kept the pressure on to the end by beating Gary Johnstone & Garry Olson.

The Captain & Professional came very close yet again, finishing third with 23 points.

The Captain thanked everyone for taking part and playing throughout in the true spirit of winter league.  It was completed without a single day being cancelled and all the games were played on the normal greens.  The presentation to the winners will be at Opening Sides.

The final table:

24 Craig Aston, Dave Lee, Chris Hills & Simon Edbury

24 Brian Foden, Rick Ford, the President & Steve Bennett

23 The Captain, the Professional & Nigel Featherstone

21 Nigel Pugh & Chris Edwards

20 Garry Olson, Gary Johnstone, Dan Featherstone & Mike Davies

20 Dave Snell, Andrew Marshall, Brian Pennington & Ollie Lane

20 Ken Hall, Paul Broome, Pete Burns & Ronnie Ricketts

19 Simon Barber, Andy Wells, Gavin Elly & Matt Spiller

18 Bob Anderson, Paul Gosling, Nick Johnson & Andy Dibble

18 Chris Chatfield, Tim Hoare, Christian Smythe & Paul Kearney

13 Simon Allen, Aled Jones, David Grassby & Mike Harding