Winter Rules – including Fairway Mats, from Sunday 22 Oct

Following the recent weather, the condition of the course is such that we need to move to protection mode as soon as possible. We are, therefore, moving to full winter rules as from Sunday, 22nd October.

The full rules can be read on the website click here: LOCAL RULES

They will also be posted upon the club noticeboards. Briefly, they are as follows:

1. Players MUST choose one of the following options when playing their shot:
• lift, clean and place onto a fairway mat when playing a ball on the fairway or
• place their ball in the nearest rough and play from there or
• use a putter

2. Where there is mud on a ball in the rough, the player may lift and clean the ball but MUST DROP it back in the rough.

We are reintroducing the facility to clean mud off the ball in the rough to enable fairness across the course,

Winter mats will be available to buy at £6.50 (cost price to encourage use)

Golf Committee