Bar and Catering Hours

The Clubhouse and Bar are following current Covid guidelines 


Spike Bar

From Monday 25th October 2021:
• Opening times: 8am all days except 11am on Tuesday & Saturday
• Closing times: 

  • Sunday-Tuesday: time of last tee off. Note: the bar can stay open longer if there are customers making it worthwhile and the staff are willing to work extra time.
  • Wednesday-Saturday: 6pm. Note: the bar can shut earlier (but not before 5pm) if it is apparent that the last group out has finished playing and have left the course.

This is always subject to review should customer demand for additional (or less) hours becomes apparent.


 Please check with the Duty Bar staff for catering options and times: 

Day Normal Bar Hours

Catering Hours & options

- please check with Duty Bar Staff

Monday see times above  
Tuesday see times above  
Wednesday see times above  
Thursday see times above  
Friday see times above  
Saturday see times above  
Sunday see times above




If playing the course late, please be aware these closing hours are flexible and you may not be able to re-enter the locker rooms/ Clubhouse for up to one hour prior to the published closing times. IF YOU ARE UNSURE PLEASE CONSULT WITH THE ON DUTY BAR STAFF. 

Samantha Murray 

Clubhouse Supervisor

Contact phone: 01625 586200 (Option 1)