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‘Wednesday Roll Up’ - the 2021 results are in

The eagerly awaited results and commentary on the 2021 Wednesday Roll Up (2nd June to 29th December) are now in.  On behalf of the Wednesday Roll Up "Brigade", many thanks to Tony Adderley for his organisational and reporting skills.

click here: 2021 roll up results


Tony added his own message:

Merry Ex Christmas and Happy New Year
Next Wednesday Roll - Up date is January 5th 2022 at 12.00 noon

Simister Round three - Saturday 4th December

The Simister was played today in poor weather conditions which deteriorated during the day .

There was only a small field of 26 players .


The winner (playing early ) was Mike Harding with 20 points .

Runner up Mike O Reagan - 19 points .


Scores of 17 points :

Michael Taylor , Ron Ricketts, Paul Gosling , Mark Walker amnd Andrew Marshall .


The qualifiers (for the Simister Cup Final ) are the winner and run up (the two Mikes) and Michael Taylor and Ron Ricketts on countback.


There were no 2s today therefore  the pot rolls forward 


John Newsham

Gents Golf 

Gents’ Section AGM on Wed 15 December at 7.30 pm

The Gents’ Golf Section Annual General Meeting will be held in the Edge View Suite at Alderley Edge Golf Club on Wednesday 15 December, 2021 at 7.30 pm.

Please click on the link below to read the AGM Agenda.


Gents’ Golf Section AGM Agenda


The nomination sheet for committee positions has been sent to all members of the Gents’ Golf Section and is also on the noticeboard in the locker room.

Winter rules in brief.

Whilst we recommend that you should read the full local rules applicable in winter, we thought that a simple guide might help, as follows:-

There will be a more comprehensive explanation of the rule re the use of mats on the mens notice board.


If your ball is on the fairway, on the short-cut fringes of the greens, or even on a tee, you must do one of three things:

1.    Mark the ball, lift it and place it on a mat as near to the marker as possible and play it from the mat.

2.    Mark the ball, lift it and place it in the semi-rough or rough at the nearest side of the fairway and play it from               there.

3.   Use a putter and play the ball where it lies (you can lift, clean & replace the ball under this option).

You can use either side of the mat, but you can’t bend it to shape. You can use a tee-peg to fix it into the ground, but you can’t put the ball on the tee-peg. The ball must be placed in the middle of the mat, not on the edge.


In casual water

If the ball lies in “casual water”, anywhere on the course, then you’re allowed to mark, lift & clean it and then to drop it at the nearest point of relief from the casual water.


Mud on ball in rough

If the ball is just in the semi-rough, or in the rough, and it isn’t embedded in its own pitchmark, then you have to just play the ball as it lies, you’re not allowed to pick it up and clean it, even if it has lumps of mud on it.

Brian Foden hits £100,000 target for charity

Brian Foden has run a Captain’s Charity Golf Day - affectionately known as Fodder’s Charity Event - at Alderley Edge Golf Club for 25 years and this year has reached his amazing total target of £100,000.  On 17 September,  60 golfers took part in a very enjoyable and successful day of golf, a meal and a chance for further fundraising in the evening.

Brian spoke at the Golf Day meal and auction that evening about the charity golf events he has run during that time, making a very emotional speech.

He explained: “I just started the event in June 1996 after my mother died that March.  She had used the ‘Mast Scanner’ at Macclesfield Hospital and we wanted to raise funds in her memory.  I was only going to organise the one event, but everybody told me that I should carry on with this fundraising for different charities.  And so the golf event carried on for the next 25 years.

“Over the years we have raised money for at least 15 charities, which are listed on the poster shown in the photograph, and finished in 2021 by supporting this year’s Captain’s Charity - Stockport MIND.  On Friday 17 September 2021, through my final event, we raised a fantastic £5,200 which took us to our final total of £100,840, exceeding the original target of £100K.

“I have valued the fantastic and generous support from past Captains, individuals, members and companies who have been instrumental in our success - the full list is shown on the other poster.  So, to everybody over the 25 years who played, helped, supported and donated prizes I send my thanks.  Also to Alderley Edge Golf Club and all the staff for hosting the golf and the after-golf functions in the clubhouse.  Finally, special thanks to my family - Angela, Jordan and Luke - for supporting the ‘Old Man’.”

The team prize winners on the day were Pete Burns,  Jordan Foden,  Ollie Lane and Luke Foden.

President's Day result - Saturday 11 September

Adam Hart won the President's Day medal competition on Saturday .

Top 3 results:

1st Adam Hart  Gross 73 Handicap 5 Net 68

2nd Mike Davies Gross 79 Handicap 11 Net 68

3rd Andy Hogg Gross 89 Handicap 20 Net 69 



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