Local Rules

Alderley Edge Golf Club


Effective from 1st March 2019


In, over or beyond:

  • Any hedge, wall or the inside edge of fence posts bounding the course;
  • The boundary ditch to the left of the 3rd/12th holes;
  • The car park and paths, patio and flower beds surrounding the club-house;
  • The white stakes and boundary ditch to the right when playing the 5th/14th holes only;
  • The stakes supporting the net behind the 2nd/11th green.


All Penalty Areas are Red Penalty Areas.  Bridges are integral parts of the course.  Rule 17 applies.


The following are defined as Immovable Obstructions:

  • young trees marked with stakes or yellow tags;
  • man-made paths within the boundaries of the course;
  • the drain plugs on the 5th/14th & 6th/15th greens;
  • the net surrounding the Men’s 17th tee;
  • fencing surrounding the 4th & 13th tees.

Rule 16 applies.


Ground Under Repair is marked as ‘GUR’ and/or by an unbroken white line.  The flower beds to the rear of the 4th/13th and clearly defined hoof or tractor marks through the green are defined as Ground Under Repair.  Players must take relief by dropping in the Dropping Zone marked by a white line to the rear of the green.  The drainage ditch to the left of the 7th/16th hole is not within the Ground Under Repair.  Rule 16 applies.


Relief from interference by immovable obstructions may be taken under Rule 16.1.  The player also has these extra options to take relief when such immovable obstructions are close to the putting green and on the line of play.

Ball in General Area.  The player may take relief under Rule 16.1b if an immovable obstruction is:

  • On the line of play, and is:
    • Within two club-lengths of the putting green, and
    • Within two club-lengths of the ball.

Exception – No Relief if Line of Play Clearly Unreasonable.  There is no relief under this Local Rule if the player chooses a line of play which is clearly unreasonable.

Penalty for Playing Ball from a Wrong Place in Breach of Local Rule: General Penalty under Rule 14.7a.

Golf Committee

February 2019