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What’s happening at AEGC

Provisional course ratings and slope ratings have been issued for the 18 hole white, yellow and red courses. These are now displayed in the frames next to the white course first tee.

England Golf carried out an assessment on 7th Oct which will lead to the formal course and slope ratings for all the 18 and 9 hole tees. It normally takes 6-8 weeks from the assessment for the results to be processed and a formal rating to be issued.

Projected handicap indexes have now been issued which will be used from 2nd November when the World Handicap System goes live.  The projected handicap indexes may change between now and 2nd Nov and because they are based on the provisional course rating and slope ratings may also change when the formal ratings are issued.

Understanding WHS - videos from HowDidIDo + 'Golfer Toolkit' from England Golf

HowDidIDo have put together a series of videos explaining each aspect of the World Handicap System.  They travelled to Woodhall Spa to interview an expert on World Handicap System, Gemma Hunter the Head of Handicaps and Course Rating at England Golf.

The link will take you to YouTube where there are 7 videos taking you through each aspect of WHS.

Click here:  WHS with HowDidIDo


England Golf have produced a 'Golfer Toolkit' to help explain this and there is a link below for your information.

Click here: England Golf 'Golfer Toolkit'


Projected Handicap indexes

Projected Handicap Indexes for members have now been issued by England Golf.

Separate listings for Gents and Ladies will soon be posted in the locker rooms.  Apologies, there will be a delay in publishing these Handicap indexes on the website.

On these listings you can look up your Handicap Index and your Course Handicap that it will translate into for the different tees that you are playing off. (From 2nd Nov)

Dont forget that in order to determine your playing handicap you will need to adjust your course handicap in line with the handicap allowance for the competition you are playing:

Handicap allowances under WHS

Individual match play: 100%

Individual stroke play, Stableford, par/bogey, maximum score: 95%

Fourball match play: 90%

As an example the listing shows that my handicap index is 17.3 and my course handicap is 20 for the whites and 19 for the yellows. 
Depending on the type of competition I am playing my playing handicap will differ:

1) Match play off white tees, playing handicap is 20 (100% of 20)

2) Medal or Stableford off white tees, playing handicap is 19 (95% of 20)

3) Fourball match play off white tees, playing handicap is 18 (90% of 20)

Some members are showing as pending in the listing this is because their details have not been uploaded from the club system. This has been raised with technical support who are investigating. 

What do I need to do to play?

What do I need to do to play golf after the launch of the WHS on 2nd Nov?

1) Handicap Index - Find out your Handicap Index by looking on the notice board in the locker room or on the how did I do mobile application.

2) Course Handicap - Look at the correct Handicap Conversion Table for the colour of tees you will be playing (White, Yellow or Red) and determine your course handicap.  At the moment the White, Yellow and Red tables are provisional.  These provisional tables will be replaced by formally branded rating tables when available.  They are located in the frames next to the 1st white tee. 

3) Playing Handicap - Look at the playing handicap table and adjust your course handicap for the type of competition you are competing in to determine your playing handicap.

4) if you are playing in a qualifying competition you should complete your card in accordance with the rules of golf and submit your score without any undue delay.


I Want to Know More

There are a number of good references for more information about the World Handicap System (WHS):

England Golf have a wealth of information: 

Click Here: WHS on the England Golf Website    


England Golf also have a Frequently Asked Question document: 

Click Here: FAQ


There is a Rules of Handicapping Player Reference Document (split into 2 because of its size)

Click Here: Rules of Handicapping Player Reference (part 1)

Click Here: Rules of Handicapping Player Reference (part 2)

How will your handicap work

Handicap Index

The Handicap Index will be the most important element of the World Handicap System which will:

  • Measure the ability of a player
  • Be portable from course to course
  • Allow players to compete fairly and therefore promote inclusivity within the game

A Handicap Index is calculated from the best eight scores from the last 20 rounds.

AEGC will publish the Handicap Index of members on noticeboards and members will expect notification on the HowDidIDo application

Updating your score.  After the completion of a competition round, a player has to submit their scorecard as soon as possible in order for their Handicap Index to be updated. Pre-registered general play ‘social’ scores are also acceptable.

The "Rules of handicapping a players reference" provides more detail on how your handicap index is calculated.





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