Hole in One Protocol


1.            To start the process, the Match secretary of the relevant category, having signed the qualifying scorecard, should leave it with the Club Administrator.  The Club Administrator will carry out both the claim for AEGC and advise the Member who achieved the hole in one of the necessary process and options available.

2.            As part of our insurance policy with our current provider, Club Insure, we are able to claim up to £500.00 on drinks for the hole in one within each subscription year of our insurance policy.  This currently runs from 1st September to 31st August.  In order to do this we must send the insurance company within 30 days of the event:

 (i)            A copy of the hole in one scorecard and

(ii)           A copy of the bar bill


3.            It is also possible to register a hole in one with England Golf as follows:

So if you’ve been good – or lucky – enough to card that longed-for ace, submit your signed scorecard below to enter our hole-in-one club.

Exclusively for England Golf club members and iGolf subscribers, one submission each month will receive a unique prize, while we’ll recognise your achievement in our hole-in-one honours list.

To submit your scorecard for a recent round, simply email a scanned copy, a photo, or a screenshot of your scorecard to members@englandgolf.org.

  • Name
  • England Golf/iGolf membership number (formerly CDH)
  • A screenshot of your scorecard from the MyEG app or scanned copy/photo of the original scorecard
  • Course played
  • Date of round
  • Tees which you played from on the day

Tell us a bit of detail about the hole-in-one, and the circumstances, and we’ll enter your name into our monthly prize draw.

For the full England Golf instructions and Terms and Conditions please click here: England Golf hole-in-one


4.            There is also the 'National Hole in One Club' which can be accessed by typing those words into a search engine. Again it is up to the individual to register, provide copy of scorecard etc.