County Card

County Card

The County Card is free to qualifying Members of AEGC and as a member of this scheme you will be entitled to discounted golf, in most instances 50 %, at golf courses in Cheshire and other participating Counties within the English Golf Union.

To be qualify to carry the County Card you must :

  • Be a member of an Affiliated Cheshire Golf Club (Gentleman or Lady).
  • Be over 18 years of age.
  • Be a full annual member of AEGC
  • Have a WHS handicap and accompanying CDH lifetime number

To use the Card you must:

  • Telephone your booking in advance.
  • Produce your card on request.
  • Adhere to the host clubs rules and playing conditions of the day.
  • Be aware that a Member is entitled to one round of golf at any participating Club per year.
  • Parties of not more than 8 are permitted under this scheme.   All participants must hold a Cheshire Card.

Where can I play and how to register for a card?

Holders of the card can play at any of the Cheshire Clubs published on the Card. Holders of the card may play at golf clubs in other County Unions who participate in the scheme.

Registration is via the Golf Genius App.  For full details please go to the Cheshire Union of Golf Clubs website