SAFE GOLF (Safeguarding)

SafeGolf (Safeguarding) Policies

Alderley Edge Golf Club ( AEGC ) is committed to ensure that the game of golf is played in a safe environment for all participants, and that children, young people and adults have an enjoyable and positive experience when playing golf.

In ensuring that AEGC is a safe environment the club has adopted both a Children’s and Young People’s Safeguarding Policy as well as an Adult’s Safeguarding Policy, which are both in line with England Golf - SafeGolf Accreditation.

Below are links to the two safeguarding policies along with an abbreviated policy, the job description of the Club Welfare Officer (CWO ) and a poster with contact details 

Click the links:

AEGC Children’s and Young People’s Safeguarding Policy

AEGC Adult’s Safeguarding Policy

AEGC Abbreviated SafeGolf Policy

AEGC Club Welfare Office (CWO) Job Description

AEGC CWO contact details poster