Butterfly Bank

The Wilmslow Golf Club was formed in 1889 and is believed to have occupied the land indicated by the dark line *, at least during the winter months when 18 holes were in use. Only 9 holes were in play during the summer. The area now owned by AEGC is shown in green.

What is very noticeable on this 1882 map is the location of "Butterfly Bank"; it is shown to be in the vicinity of what is now Stockton Farm. This was actually "Upper Butterfly Bank", Butterfly Bank being behind the 4th green as we now know it, and Lower Butterfly Bank being the hill on which our 8th green now sits.

Stockton Farm was, in the late 18th century, occupied by Dick Stockton, a farmer who supplemented his farming income by way of armed highway robbery. He was caught in 1791 and hung from a tree on Butterfly Bank

* from Wilmslow Golf Club, 1889 to 1989 by Everall Williams

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